I am interesting in IT and marketing since 1992 (as a student in VUT Brno). I received first award in 2004 (Zlatý Erb) then I won this competition 3x. I am since 2003 at commercial sphere – IT marketing, programming /internet and intranet application/ for company RI OKNA, a.s, Ludor s.r.o., J. Bystřický a spol. KM Beta atc.
refernce - kmbeta.cz refernce - nitarna.cz refernce - ri-okna.cz


  • I was born on 26 5th 1978 in Hodonín, I studied primary school in Mutěnice, secondary school in Brno - SOU Olomoucká 61, Brno, university - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical University - Faculty of Business
  • I set up own company In 1993 - development internet and intranet applications and consulting in the IT management
  • In 2004 I won the award for best website community Mutěnice
  • In 2004 I won the award for best internet service - site for people with visual difficulties
  • In 2005 I won the award for best website community Mutěnice
  • In 2006 I won the award for best website community Mutěnice
  • Since 2007, I work in commercial sector - intranet business applications and custom internal applications.
  • The measurable results of activities we as revenues of more than CZK 20 million in realized electronic stores, more than 10 million users, computing and other applications used by clients (eg calculation of windows, colors price calculation, calculation of heat saving windows, calculate the amount of roofing and accessories and others.
    It develops most of internet and intranet applications for an advertising agency Bystřický et al (marketing systems - monitoring the efficiency of ad pages and users' movements, and other applications).
  • References in the field of commercial sector
    - In the field of e-commerce companies KM Beta, a.s., Vinummoravicum, PNEU PLUS, Niťárna Česká Třebová and others
    - In the area of systems tailored to companies CK Ludor (web applications, intranet applications, bundled with existing internal systems), RI OKNA as and many others.

If you want work with me, my email adress is: libor@skocik.cz

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